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When I was younger, I had this huge dream of being an actress, bringing stories to life and connecting with audiences. At 19, I took a leap and hopped on a plane to California, diving headfirst into acting classes and learning English all at once. The ride was wild—I met incredible folks and had mind-blowing experiences that set me on the path I'm on today.

Life took a turn when I met my now husband in Mexico, and I eventually moved to the UK. Fast forward to now, and I'm a proud mom of two amazing kiddos. After my second child was born, my love for storytelling was rekindled, but this time, I found my calling behind the camera. I get to capture YOU as the star of your own story, complete with a happy ending. I spend my days with awesome couples, whether in the UK or abroad, freezing those special memories in time to be passed down through generations.

With a background in event management, I bring a unique perspective to my role as a wedding photographer. Having navigated the intricate details of organising and managing events, I have a keen eye for capturing the essence of special moments. From the grandeur of weddings to intimate celebrations, I am committed to ensuring that every detail is expertly documented, resulting in a visual narrative that tells your unique love story.

I'm a mum of 2, lover of travel (and the path less-travelled), chef amateur, film lover and a French Canadian settled in the UK. 

I'M sarah. a london based uk & destination wedding photographer. I BELIEVE YOUR WEDDING PHOTOS SHOULD BE WORKS OF ART.



praline latte

secret talent

making sushis

I'd rather be

on the beach

on my bucket list

kew gardens or lake como wedding

perfect day includes

good food & good playlist + friends & family

favorite drink

passionfruit martini or margarita

favorite place


obsessed with


guilty pleasure

Poscast MFM (iykyk)


praline latte

Secret Talent

making sushis

I'd rather be

on the beach

on my bucket list

kew gardens or lake como wedding

Perfect day includes

good food & playlist
friends & family

Favorite drink

passionfruit martini or margarita

Guilty pleasure

podcast MFM




Instead of inundating you with an overwhelming number of images, I focus on curating a collection that is thoughtfully composed and meticulously edited. This commitment to quality ensures that each photograph is a work of art, capturing the significance and beauty of your wedding day.

I prefer Quality over Quantity


My passion lies in uncovering the unique narratives within each moment, from the intimate glances to the joyous celebrations. By approaching each wedding as a visual storyteller, I aim to create genuine and emotive photos that reflects the true essence of your love story. By building a genuine connection with you and creating a space where you can totally be yourselves, I'm all set to capture the true you. Because it's in those comfy, authentic moments that your unique story naturally unfolds, resulting in photos that radiate the real beauty of your love. 

Authentic Story Telling


My approach embraces the enduring beauty of classic romance while infusing a touch of contemporary finesse. Each photograph is crafted to stand the test of time, capturing the essence of your wedding day with a timeless and enduring charm.

Timeless Elegance

a few more things you should know



California Dreamin'

Boarded a plane and journeyed to California for a year marked by personal development, endless sunshine, waves in my backyard, the everlasting scent of Hollister fragrance, and memories destined to endure a lifetime.


London is the place for me

Following a year of fostering a long-distance relationship that sprouted from our initial meeting in Mexico, I courageously took a significant leap and relocated to the UK to be with my beau.


A day to remember 

We tied the knot in my homeland Canada!


Launching the dream

Amidst a global pandemic, juggling homeschooling and caring for my second child, I discovered my true calling. I rekindled my passion for photography and successfully launched my own photography business.

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