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French Chateau Wedding with a colourful and modern twist!

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Featured in Your Day Mag and European Elopement Guide

The inspiration behind this Castle Wedding in France:

I’m French Canadian originally and I love taking my little family to France during the summer holidays. Whenever we travel abroad, I make it a point to organise a editorial, not only to enrich my portfolio but also to craft something inspiring for future couples looking to get married abroad. It also allows me to showcase the remarkable talent of fellow destination wedding industry suppliers. Given the popularity of France as a destination for American and UK couples seeking to tie the knot overseas and the recent high-profile wedding of Sofia Richie in the South of France further fuelled my inspiration.

I hope that you also find this editorial inspiring and if you are planning your own French chateau wedding, have a look at my destination portfolio and get in touch here.

Rebel against the archetypal French chateau wedding with a vibrant pop of colour:

Before I created my vision for this photoshoot I researched what has been done before. There were plenty of stunning chateau weddings in France but most were quite traditional with a neutral colour palette of white and greens or blues. Drawing inspiration from the iconic French Queen Marie Antoinette, I aimed to infuse opulence and extravagance into this project, departing from the norm by incorporating a vibrant colour scheme aligned with UK wedding trends for 2024.

The dress:

Being based in London, it was crucial for me to collaborate with a mix of UK and French wedding suppliers. Millia London stood out as a unique designer, seamlessly blending couture with modern sophistication. The brand’s gowns strike a balance between extravagance and romanticism, embodying a high-fashion aesthetic that exudes femininity. The blue gown chosen for this shoot, with its refined silhouette and cascading tulle ruffles, perfectly complemented the overall theme. It was also a nod to the blue dress often seen in depictions of Marie Antoinette which added a touch of elegance to this French chateau wedding editorial.

The flowers:

We used the florals to inject a burst of colours in the overall aesthetic, aligned with the overall theme of the shoot while still matching the enchanting setting of Chateau Laborde Saint Martin. Yana from Blooms Fair incorporated lush, colourful blooms alongside greenery sourced from the castle grounds. It was an occasion for her to blend hues that might typically be overlooked. The floral arrangements were meticulously curated to complement the extravagant yet sophisticated atmosphere, adding a touch of natural beauty to the carefully crafted scene.

The colours:

In this project, I aimed to break away from the conventional colour palettes of traditional French Chateau weddings. Taking cues from Marie Antoinette’s era and keeping abreast of UK wedding trends for 2024, I injected vibrant and varied colours into the aesthetic. This departure from the norm added a sense of freshness and contemporary flair to the visual narrative.

Why is colour so important?

Colour plays a pivotal role in weddings as it has the power to evoke emotions, set the tone, and create a memorable atmosphere. A great colour scheme not only looks good but it leaves a mark on the couple and their guests. Colour choices can also reflect the couple’s personality, cultural background, and the overall theme they wish to convey, making it a crucial element in the overall wedding experience and allowing couples to infuse their unique style into their special day.

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Concept, Planning, Styleshoot Host and Photography: Sarah Hurja Photography

Florist: Bloomsfair

Venue: Chateau Laborde Saint Martin

Styling Assistant: Carmela Weddings

Bridal gown: Millia London

Hair Stylist: Mollie Scott Hairdressing

MUA: Jacquelyn Mcphee Makeup

Bridal accessories, jewellery and veils: Ashley Wild Bridal

Artwork: Sarah Custance